Letter to the CEO: Going straight to the top

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The featured image above is an example of some of the marketing tactics I have undertaken recently, with these letters being posted about a month ago in mid December. I posted approx 75 letters and each one was addressed to the CEO of some of Australia’s largest corporations including banks, professional services firms, construction & mining companies and the list goes on. This approach was taught to me by one of my mentors and successful Indigenous business owner Michael McLeod, who’s view is go straight to the top!

The focus of the letter was to thank them for their support of the Indigenous business sector, inform them about my community initiatives, new Indigenous product range and promote the new joint venture company I have recently launched. Although it might be bold, the primary goal of the letter is to eventually meet the CEO! In most of the responses I have had thus far, the CEO has passed on my letter to a colleague to engage with me and discuss opportunities, which is a great result.

I do have quite a few companies I need to follow up with and make sure the letter was received but so far the response rate has been quite good, and those that have responded are a work in progress to eventually meet the CEO!

Have you tried similar tactics? Did this work for you? If not what did? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I thought I would include some info about the newly formed joint venture which is hopefully going to take 2015 by storm! Read below for info on MOS or for info about our community projects click here.


Muru Office Supplies

Muru Office Supplies (MOS) is the only National Australian owned Indigenous workplace supplies provider in the country. MOS is part of the Muru Group and leverages off a joint venture partnership with Complete Office Supplies Pty Ltd (COS) which is Australia’s largest privately owned national work place supplies provider which operates a national network of sales offices, customer service and distribution centres across ten (10) strategic locations throughout Australia.

Well that’s enough shameless promotion! Let me know your thoughts on any letter campaigns you have done and the response.

by Mitchell Ross