My vision is to create a pathway for future generations of Indigenous people.
My companies all share this vision and we are therefore actively out in the community trying to make a difference.
Below are some details of our current and past community projects.
We hope to create a sustainable outcome by empowering these communities with the knowledge to pass on these skills to each other moving forward.

Current Projects

Bariyu Aboriginal Corporation – Sydney (Ongoing)

Mitchell Ross is a founding member and director of Bariyu Aboriginal Corporation, a non-profit that was setup to support Aboriginal people with their business ideas. BARIYU is Australia’s leading Indigenous Owned Business Incubator and Innovation Startup Space.

BARIYU means tomorrow in the Aboriginal language of coastal Sydney and fits the organisations endeavours to make tomorrow a better place for all Australians. BARIYU provides a cultural and commercially safe environment that supports Indigenous people to achieve their cultural, social and economic aspirations.

At BARIYU we hope to help the next generation of Indigenous entrepreneurs and business leaders nurture their business ideas from start to finish, help them establish their business, teach them the fundamentals of running a business and get them market ready. We understand that economic development and empowerment are vital to the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and we want to support their journey into business to ensure success as much as possible.

BARIYU is currently supporting a number of businesses, and will be having an official launch in the near future.

This is by far Mitchell’s favourite project, as he believe’s like many others, creating a vibrant sustainable Indigenous business sector will help to shape a positive future for all Indigenous people. The ripple effect will be huge!

Early Childhood Development Centre – Far North Queensland (Ongoing)

Muru Group together with COS (The Lyone Foundation) is proud to be the sole supporters of an Early Childhood Development Centre in Far North Queensland. The centre supports Indigenous kids from the local Aboriginal community, where approx 30% of community members are under 5 years of age.

The main objective of the program is to support and empower an Indigenous community in North Queensland, to assist children to learn and develop through and early childhood development centre. The centre will encourage improved child development through a structured, developmentally-based playgroup and aim to enable participating children to successfully transition into the public school system.

Specific objectives of this program include:

  • Improve health and wellbeing for all participants and meet appropriate development milestones.
  • Meet socio-emotional developmental goals, including strengthening family and community relationships and fostering a sense of belonging for children and caregivers.
  • Achieve the basic building blocks of further education, such as pre-literacy and numeracy, creative thinking and expression, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and cultural development and understanding.
  • Provide individual care and attention.
  • Build cultural understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous families and facilitate positive interactions.

Muru Group and Muru Office Supplies will donate a percentage of our profits to support the centre, with the Lyone Foundation backing us to ensure the centre receives adequate funding to run the program. We hope to continue supporting the centre for years to come.

Past Projects

IT Literacy Training – Pormpuraaw, QLD (September 2014 – March 2015)

Mitchell developed an IT Literacy training program to help educate members of remote Indigenous communities in the area of technology. Mitchell delivered the training first hand, with Pormpuraaw being the first of hopefully many communities we plan to bring this program to.

Some of the community members had never used a computer and so one of the goals of the program was to create awareness of the technology and build user confidence, along with teaching computer fundamentals to help create a solid foundation for further learning.

The second more important goal is to empower participants with this knowledge to allow them to educate other members of the community moving forward and create a sustainable outcome.

Mitchell completed the 4 week program in March 2015, where he spent 1 week per month in the community. Mitchell identified a number of participants who were eager to learn more and help pass on this knowledge within the community.
I hope to return to Pormpuraaw in the future to ensure community members are continuing to help educate each other, and look for other ways to expand their knowledge and skills.