Motivation: Kickstarting the New Year

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Happy New Year to all! 2015 is here!

It’s about that time again where everybody is back at work after the festive season, trying to be positive about the new year ahead. I generally share this positive vibe, however it does take me a couple of weeks to get fully motivated and into top gear.

Skytrans ceases trading

Skytrans Announcement

January is now more than half gone and my new year began with a slight hurdle, last week didn’t go so well and I thought I would share it with you all.

So as of last Friday I was meant to be wrapping up my third week of my IT training program in Pormpuraaw, which is a remote Indigenous community in western Cape York. I flew up to Cairns last Sunday afternoon as per usual with the intent to fly from Cairns to the community on Monday, however things didn’t go according to plan!

I arrive at the Airport on Monday and find myself a little lost and confused when I cannot find the check in counter for the airline (Skytrans). After a while I realise I am not lost and the counter is no longer there! I decide to look up the Skytrans website to find a contact number and get to the bottom of the situation, which is when I stumble onto an announcement from the managing director stating the company had ceased trading and will no longer be flying!!!

Thanks for the heads up guys! Yep that’s right, I never received a call notifying me or even a simple email to let me know the situation and so you can imagine I am fairly annoyed at this point in time. Considering this is meant to be the nice positive start to year I was looking forward to and now I am stranded at the airport with mixed emotions about the whole situation. On one hand I am pretty annoyed with the airline, on the other I cant help but find myself slightly amused.

It doesn’t take me long to work out that the government has contracted another airline to make chartered flights to help out stranded passengers, but of course luck isn’t on my side this week and the flight happens to be full. So rather than arrive Tuesday afternoon and lose 2 days of training, I decide to cut my loses, reschedule the training to a future date and head home to Sydney.

I arrive home to Sydney Tuesday afternoon and after losing two days of the week sitting in airports or travelling I found it quite difficult to motivate myself! After chatting with a couple of my mentors and taking some time to reflect, I have decided to share some of things that relax me and help me stay motivated throughout the year! Please feel free to share some of your own examples in the comments below.


The following are in no real particular order, sometimes certain methods are preferred over the others depending on how I am feeling but usually one or a mixture of these is what helps me stay motivated all year round!

Holidays: This is a big one for me and I’m sure I am not alone, because who doesn’t love a holiday?. If you plan small trips throughout the year, even just a weekend away with your partner, friends or family, it is something to look forward. Hopefully this helps you feel less like a robot that just works constantly and more like someone who has a life!


Beach Holiday

Sport: Most of you out there enjoy sport in some way, either watching it live or on TV, or playing it yourself. I love watching cricket and find this very relaxing, which is why this past weekend has played a huge role in motivation me! One game Friday and one on Sunday with Australia winning both, most of which involved me lounging around at home. I wasn’t rushing around, stressed out trying to get things done, just relaxing in my lounge room, occasionally enjoying a cold beverage. Doesn’t that sound great, and yes I totally understand if cricket doesn’t float your boat, find something that does and forget out work for a while! The other side of the coin is getting out there yourself and playing some sport, I myself play basketball Tuesday nights and am trying to play golf more often to help me relax. There is something about smashing that ball with a club that helps me unwind. If you’ve had a tough day or week, head out to the driving range and smash a few balls, or maybe go to the gym and throw down on the punching bag and let off some steam!

Music: I find it really hard to believe that anybody out there doesn’t find music helpful in some way! There is a genre or style that will suit your mood, so no matter how you feel, turn it up! I myself like a few contrasting styles, which include Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, House and High NRG dance music, and wherever I travel I always keep a mixture of those on my phone or laptop. Some of you may even play an instrument or produce your own beats or even DJ, either way music could be your outlet, form of relaxation or of course how you stay motivated!

Socialising: Last but certainly not least, making the most out of the weekend or holidays and spending as much time with family and friends definitely helps me stay motivated throughout the year. Regardless of whether its catching up for lunch or dinner with friends, family birthdays or backyard BBQ’s during summer, those moments chatting over a meal, unwinding with a beer, and relaxing by the pool help me get through each week and stay motivated for the next.

Golf Club

Golf Range

So I have given you four examples of what helps me, try finding what helps you and plan your next holiday or have a game of golf or buy tickets to that concert! Don’t get caught up in work mode 24/7 or you’ll struggle to stay motivated all year round and burn yourself out.

Thank you again for reading, post some comments and share some examples and until next time try to stay motivated!

By for now.

by Mitchell Ross.

Motivation: Kickstarting the New Year
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Motivation: Kickstarting the New Year
Happy New Year to all! It's about that time again where most of us are back at work after the festive season, trying to be positive about the new year ahead