Pormpuraaw: Computer Literacy Training Project

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Pormpuraaw Youth Hub

Hi Guys and Girls,

Today I wanted to share some great news with you all, about the success of a Computer Literacy Training Program I have just personally completed. The project was delivered in Pormpuraaw, a small Indigenous community in Cape York, QLD.

It’s Friday evening and I have just landed back in Cairns after flying across the Cape in a small single propeller plane! But that’s another story 🙂

Pormpuraaw Flight

Flight from Pormpuraaw to Cairns

The project saw me spend 4 weeks (1 week at a time) in community over a 5 month period, with close to 30 participants involved. The introductory course was to build awareness of computer technology and systems, and provide a basic level of internet and email knowledge and skill.

It might sound irrelevant to some considering these are things most of us do on a daily basis using multiple devices. We are surrounded by it constantly, at work, at home, in your pocket or your hand bag. We all take it for granted and yet we would struggle to make it through a single day without access to both internet and email!

Majority of people in this community have barely touched a computer, let alone sent an email. So this introductory program was really the first step in a longer term goal. The main outcome from the 4 weeks apart from the skills taught, was to establish some interest and identify those with the desire to learn more and empower the community to get more involved in the digital age.

Searching Images

Participants searching Google images

My vision for Pormpuraaw moving forward is to try to help them create a sustainable learning model to allow the community to educate each other, transfer skills and create opportunities for their future, there are endless possibilities in this connected world.

This won’t happen overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The response from the participants has been great, with one local man attending all 4 weeks of the program wanting to learn more. It was an extremely rewarding experience and the local community made me feel very welcome, I enjoyed every minute of it!

There is one thing that stands out the most and something I will never forget. About a week after my first trip I was back home in Sydney, business as usual and I received an email from one of the students I had taught! It was an amazing feeling. I mean its rewarding enough delivering the training as I mentioned above and seeing people learn and use the new skills during the course! But to randomly receive an email weeks after was something special and it just reinforced that there was genuine interest to learn!

I look forward to staying in contact with the community and hope to take this to next level and further develop the computer skills of the Pormpuraaw people.

Pormpuraaw Training Project

Mitchell Ross and Community Participants in Pormpuraaw

In order for us to continue similar projects like this across the country, my company Muru Group has committed to donate 15% of the profits made from our Muru Group Indigenous office product range. The more products we sell, the more projects we can develop to help communities like Pormpuraaw. Register at Muru Office Supplies or shoot me an email if your are interested in our products.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear some of your stories and experiences in similar situations.

Now I’m off to watch the NRL, go the Eels!

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t party too hard. 🙂


Mitchell Ross